Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Labour Collapse: Employment crisis and precarity in Europe #PrecarityAndYouth

Jamie Mackay is an Italian-based writer and translator and a contributing editor for openDemocracy. Having written on the Five Star…

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2º Fórum Precariedade e Desemprego

Hot news 16 Dec 2014

O 2º Fórum Precariedade e Desemprego, realizado entre os dias 12 e 14 de Dezembro de 2014, juntou contributos valiosos…

Fórum Precariedade e Desemprego (12-13-14 Dec.)

Hot news 09 Dec 2014

The presence of European organizations in the meeting, especially those coming from peripheral countries, makes this conference a meeting…

We, the precariat

Text calling for debate on Employment Collapse

Debates Labour collapse

We start out from the need for an appropriate diagnosis of the nature of the economic crisis that has fuelled the employment collapse, as well as social and political collapse,…

Text calling for debate on Political Collapse

Debates Political collapse

Far from the official discourse that presented the crisis to us as an inevitable, inescapable effect of forces removed from the will of states and governments and therefore its management…

Text calling for debate on Social Collapse

Debates Social collapse

The present economic crisis is highlighting the relevance of social inequality both in its origins and in its effects. A large majority of society is experiencing the consequences of the…

Building economic recovery, inclusive development and social justice (OIT)

Social collapse 19 Nov 2014

More than 70 per cent of the world population is not adequately covered by social protection, says a new report…

Going hungry, and the importance of absolute poverty

Social collapse 05 Nov 2014

“While recent months have brought much welcome news on the number of people moving into employment, the squeeze on real…

Video: Precarity and Youth



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