Wednesday, February 21st, 2018


FUHEMis a private and independent non-profit foundation that works for the construction of a socially responsible, mutually responsive society through educational action and promotion of the debate and analysis of ecosocial issues. FUHEM’s work revolves around two areas: educational and ecosocial. – FUHEM Education: at its schools, FUHEM is engaged in a quality educational project, based on innovation, equity, critical thinking and commitment to democratic values– FUHEM Ecosocial: a space for reflection and critical debate of a transdisciplinary nature about the principal problems and challenges of our time. These relate to sustainability, social cohesion and the quality of democracy.

EconoNuestra (eN): mainly comprises economists– academics, researchers, students, journalists– and all those who, from highly diverse professional angles, wish to commit to the fostering of economic debate from a different standpoint. Activities taking place (talks and discussions, a blog in the Público newspaper, publications, workshops, webs, meetings, etc.) are aimed at committing the Academy to social movements, thereby helping to create a space for reflection and intervention between the academic world, young people and social networks.
Link Coordinamento Universitario: is a trade-union organisation within the sphere of Italian universities.  It is autonomous, independent and self-financing and aims to promote students’ rights and establish the central role of young people in building a cohesive, fair and equitable society. To achieve these demands, the trade union and the students who act as a liaison use all democratic means and tools in their social role.
Economía Alternativa: The Association of Students of Alternative Economics is a grouping of young people who specialise in economic matters (degree and master’s students together with researchers) from the Economics and Business Sciences Faculty at Madrid Complutense University. It has a horizontal organisational structure and an assembly-style decision-making process. The Association’s main aim is to foster critical thinking at the University in the field of economics, but from a multidisciplinary perspective that combines both rigour and accessibility.
Rete Della Conoscenza: The Association mainly groups secondary school pupils and university and postgraduate students together with researchers and academicians from different branches of knowledge (political scientists, economists, sociologists, etc.). The thematic core around which its activities take place (articles, dissemination materials, campaigns etc.) are the measures that restrict access to knowledge and the promotion of training tools for and by a large part of the population.