Wednesday, February 21st, 2018



Precariousness defines and influences our condition as young people

  • Precariousness throughout our working life. Temporary and part-time employment, training contracts, grants… “Precariousness or unemployment? You choose, those are the options”
  • Precariousness with respect to the rights related to labor. Our access to recruitment modalities far more than meaning a lack of stability or low salaries, represent a limitation on our basic rights as workers (right to collective bargaining, association, etc.).
  • Precariousness of social benefits provided by the welfare state. The guarantees to equal opportunities are being dismantled: cuts in education (removal of grants to study abroad, scholarships of studies or books, rising rates, etc.); but they also raise many other issues as the impossibility of emancipation (elimination of housing subsidies, as the rent of € 400 for young unemployed who live with their parents, etc.).
  • Life precariousness. Flexibility is imposed on both employment and our own lifestyles; instability, insecurity, or risks that force us to move and which are part of our labor reality and of our daily lives and decisions.

This context is evidence that the current drift of the European project undermines our recognition of youth and denies us the opportunity to achieve a future within its borders. We are immerses in an ever worsening context of austerity, in which social tensions grow as well as the distance that separates us – young people and our families- from the margins of social exclusion is smaller every day.

We are not anti-European but we will not have any other chance if the developments in Europe do not change direction. A new direction in which we are not second-class citizens, in which democracy is a real and fundamental touchstone to be defended, in which the stratagems of recruitment do not multiply to degrade employment even further. We do not wish to be referred to as “adventurers” when we are looking for a job and our rights and possibilities to come back are being restricted. We do not want a European context which condemns us to minimal life conditions arising from the increase in the price of basic services (education, transport, housing, water, electricity, etc.) and austerity policies which drown us We want a Europe that does not excluded.

Enough already! We demand real commitments and political measures that revert the situation. The arguments exposed by the decision-making instances or Governments seeking to legitimize current policies are not the only option, there are alternatives!

We therefore consider essential, within the framework of this project, to achieve articulation of networks, social movements, political organizations and critical unions, as well as achieve support of an important part of civil society in order to create social pressure that is conducive to a new stage of change in which young people have a voice.

We launch a call for your support in this process, and seeking to forge new bonds – both at the national and supranational levels – towards unity in the approach and defense of alternatives to build collectively the kind of society we wish to achieve.

We wish to invite you to take part in this process of exchange of ideas that opens now among economists, social movements, and other institutional actors. Our goal is to enhance discussion among the different groups working autonomously on the following topics:

– Social collapse

– Labor collapse

– Political collapse

In addition, we will promote different activities and events to enhance the discussion around the topics proposed in order to culminate in an international meeting that we will take place at end of this year 2014, and where the main solutions and alternatives to current policies that have emerged from the debate would be put forward.