Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

About Precarity & Youth

Precarity and Youth is a virtual space which means to articulate the debates proposed in the project YOUNG PEOPLE FROM THE NORTH AND SOUTH: PROPOSALS FOR A NEW EUROPE. The project deals with the difficult situation that many youths face today in Europe. The launching of the site Precarity and Youth is possible thanks to a grant from the EU’s program Youth in Action 2013. The site aims to become one of the main tools supporting the creation of a “meeting point” among European networks and organizations with the goal of reaching a real change made by the youths and citizens.


Europe enters the sixth year of its crisis, a situation that is proving unsustainable for many countries of the Union. European institutions are not showing a firm commitment to reverse this situation. Their management of the crisis, far from finding a solution, has aggravated the underlying problems and is showing the huge weaknesses of the European project, which seems to lack the mechanisms that ensure social and territorial cohesion.

These deficiencies have contributed to the devastating social consequences of the economic crisis, in a context in which national economies seem to only have the choice of competitiveness and wage crackdown as means of adjustment. The imposition of the principle of budgetary stability which pervades the EU economic policy acts as an additional restraint that prevents maintenance of social welfare systems, now facing adverse economic circumstances, and which erode the notion of citizenship in the EU.

This scenario –which combines economic stagnation and a management of the crisis guided by the interests of the elites–, is shaping an increasingly authoritarian and oligarchic ‘European project’, which imposes a gradual though unrecoverable setback on citizenship rights, and increasing social inequalities. Young people are the major victims of this situation. In addition to the different opportunities people have both depending on the social and economic background of their families and related to the central or peripheral position of our countries (social and territorial origin), European youth is denied the condition to exercise full citizenship within the EU project.

CALL: Precariousness defines and influences our condition as young people




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